“Delightful and riveting entertainment… (Crab Claw) is a surreal, magical tale about mystical beings that inhabit the Territory. From the beginning the audience was transfixed…with elaborate costumes, cleverly designed set and use of shadow imagery captivating all ages…The opening scene is stolen by Cal Williams soundtrack, as it eerily whispers Territory tales while the first shadow images slowly appear…The strength of the production lies in its original story by Therese Ritchie, cleverly adapted by Nicky Fearn and Tania Lieman”

Suellen Hinde
The NT News (2001)



Crab Claw

Crab Claw is a contemporary myth about greed and devastation of the land and its ultimate regeneration.

Adapted from a story written by artist and animator Therese Ritchie, Crab Claw is a piece of modern, visual story-telling with masks, puppetry and shadow imagery. Crab Claw received Australia Council Playing Australia funding to tour South Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory with this fantastical visual work.

Darwin season and Playing Australia Funded tour of S.A., QLD and NT regional. 2000 – 2001

Writers                                  Therese Ritchie, Nicola Fearn, Tania Lieman

Performer/Puppeteer        Nicola Fearn

Performer/Puppeteer       Tania Lieman

Performer/Puppeteer       Joanne Foley

Performer/Puppeteer       Gail Evans

Puppet/mask maker          Alison Dowell and Nicola Fearn

Puppet Maker                     Bryony Anderson

Lighting Designer               Vanessa Hutchins